Air conditioning system review and reset saved client one million

Results and client benefits

Installation engineers quote: £1.2 million
Our price: £115,000
Savings: £1.05 million



LOCATION: City of London

BACKGROUND: An international bank took over a small trading company and moved into premises in the City of London formerly occupied by the trading company. The bank wanted to move 40 of its traders into the main trading hall.

It was found that the air-conditioning was not operating correctly and the consulting engineers who originally installed it quoted a price of £1.2 million to fix.

SOLUTION: There were a number of ways to design the AC for this building and value engineering can strip out the resilience of a design. However, in most cases it is designed on airflow, heat from solar heat gain, the heating system, people, equipment and the volume of the room.

We reset the system to it is designed levels and found it was achieving 88% of what it was supposed to. We then took down the ceilings over a period of weekends and found 61 holes in the ducting – which should have been found by the consulting engineers in their snagging. These were repaired then the system was reset to meet the new requirements.