Bank staff relocation, multiple business mergers, design and recovery project

Results and client benefits

Project was completed on time and £1.2m below budget
Client allowed to focus on critical operational issues resulting from multiple mergers and takeovers whilst our expert team focused on relocation


CLIENT: Financial Plc

LOCATION: City of London

BACKGROUND: This relocation project was being managed with an internal team, however the brief changed so many times they did not have the skills or resources to complete on time. Issues included:

They had a lease deadline and were having difficulty finding suitable new premises
The project commenced 4 months late due to Landlord delays
Mid-project the client merged with another company, which required a works redesign and acceleration to meet the lease deadline

We used extra resources to locate suitable premises
We factored in extra works to the new premises to make the scheme work for the client
During our recovery process two further companies were taken over and the scheme redesigned twice to accommodate them. This included accommodating changes to the IT design and physical changes in the building
Project completed on time and £1.2m below budget