Why Project Recovery?

  • One in six projects have an average cost overrun of 200% and a schedule overrun of 70% (Harvard Business Review)
  • 66% of Projects overrun on time and/or budget (Standish Group)
  • On 17% of large projects the project goes so wrong that it threatens the core business (Gartner)
  • David Pitchford, former executive director of the UK Government’s Major Projects Authority, says at least eight current Government projects are at risk of failure.

Does your project need help?

  • Typically, our clients have commissioned a project, either using in-house resources, or outsourcing contractors or specialists.
  • Then the project grows, expands and changes, gradually becoming out of control and draining money.
  • Often, the main contracting team become obstructive
  • Getting the project back on track is difficult as teams break down and designers, consultants and contractors start to blame each other
  • For the client, a project over budget means money has to be clawed back through net profits.
  • Even for a large international company, this will take some considerable time.

Our experience

We are Project Recovery Specialists, working for clients who have project issues of time, cost or performance. We are a newly formed experienced team, whose expertise has been gained on thousands of projects spanning many industries and including large and small projects. Areas of expertise include:

  • Property (new build, refurbishment & fit outs)
  • Change (business, merger, relocation)
  • Services (air conditioning, mechanical, electrical (internal or mains), fire systems, plumbing, BMS, phones, wifi, IT)

Our solution

We provide our clients with an independent, no-obligation project review. This will establish critical project facts and bring clarity, perspective and focus to determine the way forward. The project review will investigate and discover:

  • If the project is in difficulties, or not
  • Identify issues, what’s recoverable, alternatives and costs
  • Determine realistic outcomes
  • Highlight current weaknesses and strengths
  • Create a project recovery road map as a guide to the finish
  • Or, one of our own specialised teams will get the project back on track