Any project which is behind schedule or over budget could benefit from a Review. This will give the client a simple, independent and accurate view of where they are in the project, how bad or good it really is, and a solution on how to resolve it, together with budget costs and timeframes.

We can undertake a full audit of the project to discover:

1. The original project

  • The scope
  • The original brief and tender
  • The programme baseline
  • The costs
  • The budget
  • The outcomes planned

2. Where the project is now

  • The scope: identifying scope creep
  • The programme baseline: identifying the areas that have slipped and by how much
  • The costs: the actual costs and an estimate of the final account
  • The budget: current budget
  • The outcomes planned: how these have changed and what they are now

3. Strengths and weaknesses, where to focus

  • For the Client
  • Designers
  • Consultants
  • Contractors
  • Supply chain
  • Planners
  • Programme
  • Budget
  • Claim
  • Project risks
  • Missing processes

4. Where will the project end up if nothing is done?

  • Assuming no further creep of scope
  • Programme extrapolated including baseline slippage
  • Potential final costs
  • Potential benefits achieved

5. Solution

  • Project Outline Recovery plan
  • Project “road map” to recovery
  • Potential benefits in time and costs
  • Guarantees

Project Reviews are undertaken in accordance with Best Practice requirements of their respective institutions, including: