In theory the solution is simple – provide adequate resources of people, time and money. In practise this is often restrictive and difficult. However, there are options.

The first step is a Project Review to find out where you are. The review will enable you to look strategically at the project and decide on a number of options that could improve the current situation. With hindsight certain aspects/decisions may have been done differently.

Some ideas

  • The scope has changed – on long projects the scope “creeps”. This is simply a reaction to business change which is naturally occurring, in fact it is crucial to the well-being of the company that it does occur
  • A decision was not made when it should have been. Either it was postponed or, with hindsight, the wrong path was taken.
  • Your team is only as good as its weakest link; underperforming or ineffective team members may have to be removed or replaced.
  • If the project comprises multiple phases, buildings, divisions, etc, the contract can be broken up and reset – new projects, new teams, new start dates.
  • This could limit overall damage by restricting the work done by litigious parties and increase the client team by bringing in new consultants on the process.
  • One problem to be aware of – if it is decided that the works should be broken up – attention to detail is required to ensure that there are no areas of scope where the consultants have no liability.
  • The new teams take the load of the existing team, leaving them to resolve the original contract. Their efforts will become more productive as they can now focus.
  • Introduce an online hub and take photographs of every inch on a weekly basis so that the contractor is held to account to his current programme.
  • Call in a specialist to resolve the problem.