Crown court information technology upgrade and modernisation to operational courts

Results and client benefits

♦ Winner of 3 National Awards
♦ High security, Grade I and Grade II buildings in occupation
♦ Project was completed on time and 11% below budget


CLIENT: Department of Justice

LOCATION: England and Wales

♦ The Court Service’s Courts and Tribunals Modernisation Programme was a £1.1 billion programme of investment in criminal justice IT infrastructure from 2002 -2005
♦ It represented a major reinvention of the UK court system, introducing various computer systems into courtrooms to speed up proceedings and cut costs
♦ All work was undertaken whilst the courts were operating and required detailed liaison with the courts staff
♦ Our Client was one of the 6 major contractors undertaking installation of the works
♦ We were called in by our client as they were experiencing technical and operational issues

♦ We set up 3 coordinated teams that worked well with each other and then moved them from court to court
♦ We held a lessons learnt after each court completion and then implemented those across the board on future courts
♦ We kept the paperwork simple thus enabling us to receive instructions and complete the works in sync with the courts’ operational schedules
♦ We used our knowledge of IT systems, networks, services and coordination skills of working in listed and occupied buildings on each of the 84 courts
♦ Operationally we worked around each court whilst technically we worked through them
♦ Accurately surveyed each building then coordinated equipment installation